mountain hazelnuts

A triple bottom-line company working to establish world-class hazelnut production in Bhutan that creates shared value for all stakeholders:

  • Farmers & communities

  • International partners

  • Living systems, locally and globally

The Company is committed to supplying high-quality hazelnuts to international customers, while joining a global conversation about how business can serve as a tool for achieving social and environmental objectives.


Economic profits hand-in-hand with rigorously measured, positive effects on local livelihood, community development, ecosystems preservation, and climate change.

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Although wild hazelnuts are indigenous throughout the Himalayas, the Company is introducing commercial hazelnut cultivation to one of the world’s most rugged geographies. Building this operation from the ground up requires innovation, flexibility, and systemic solutions to numerous challenges. More....



Hazelnuts are a tasty, healthy food product that is well-suited for growing in Bhutan. Hazelnuts have many uses, from nut-spreads and chocolates to savory dishes. These tree nuts are high in protein, healthy unsaturated fats (primarily oleic acid), thiamine, manganese, copper, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and antioxidants. Hazelnut trees thrive in Bhutan’s pristine conditions, with clean mountain water, fresh air, and rich soil.

Hazelnut cultivation allows rural households to generate reliable cash flow, which may support the endurance of farming livelihoods, traditions, and culture. A low-input crop, hazelnuts can be tended by female and elderly farmers, who have traditionally had less financial security. More...

Hazelnut cultivation stabilizes soil, reduces erosion, improves river water quality, and curbs global climate change. This restorative form of production aligns with Bhutan's deep commitment to conservation and ecological resilience. More...

Growing hazelnuts can provide a reliable source of income for farmers. Mountain Hazelnuts partners with thousands of farmers and community organizations, and is actively recruiting additional farmer partners. More...



Mountain Hazelnuts relies on a long-term collaboration with the people and government of Bhutan. The Company aims to embody the nation's principles of Gross National Happiness (GNH): sustainable development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, conservation of natural ecosystems, and establishment of strong systems of governance. A strong partnership and shared goals with the Royal Government of Bhutan form the foundation of the Company.

From agricultural experts to IT professionals, nursery workers to accountants, Mountain Hazelnuts' employees tackle the various challenges behind this operation. Led by experienced business leaders, scientists, and technical experts, the Company commits to mentorship and training to develop capacity throughout the organization. More...